“Web-Equation: Blog” Documentation by “Abindra Raj Dangol” v1.0

Web-Equation: Blog

Web equation: blog intends to build knowledge in the area of SEO- onpage and offpage to broaden the concept for both learner and expert esp. in Kathmandu.

SEO: An Introduction

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, simply is a techniques when implemented improves the visibility of a website in a search result pages. This means that it helps to rank the site higher than other millions of sites in response to a certain search query. Thus it helps to get .....

Forum Posting: A Guide for Newbies

A forum is an interactive community where people shares their knowledge, asks their query on the particular topic of interest. This is user-generated site because all the post are voluntarily posted by the people who are not personnel of that particular company. It is found that by creating a forum .....

Social Bookmarking and its benefits in SEO

We all know about bookmark facility in almost every software which is usually used to mark a section for the latter purpose. Utilization of this facility is quite different with the software used by the individuals like for example the facility used in the Microsoft word is usually to mark the point or section of the document while in internet browser, it is used to mark the websites.....

Good things about Nofollow Links that you might not have known

When I was a Newbie, I was very much engaged in building links through different platforms, like social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum postings because these are most necessary and easy to learn tactics. But eventually I find out that the links that I was building were no-follow. I was confused at that moment and thought that all my efforts were in vain. I was quite frustrated back then and later,