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Web-Equation: Blog

Web equation: blog intends to build knowledge in the area of SEO- onpage and offpage to broaden the concept for both learner and expert esp. in Kathmandu.

Forum Posting: A Guide for Newbies

A forum is an interactive community where people shares their knowledge, asks their query on the particular topic of interest. This is user-generated site because all the post are voluntarily posted by the people who are not personnel of that particular company. It is found that by creating a forum on the website (separate to website or a section to website), it helps to contribute even more organic search engine traffic, more authority contributed to website page rank, and overall increased user interactivity throughout the entire website. A forum can be message boards, discussion groups, discussion boards, discussion forums, bulletin boards, etc. These forums act as a good platform to communicate with others as well as it helps to increase awareness in the growing market. one can easily seek guidance from experts on these forums.

A Forum posting is the act of engaging, and interacting on a forum thread by leaving a response to the thread or to a particular post by a user on the same thread. From the business point of view, posting on popular forums or similar-industry related forums is another powerful method of engaging and interacting with new users , driving prospective clients to the website or business, above all gaining more forum anchor links (backlinks) for the page rank and search engine marketing campaigns. Therefore, lots of entrepreneur are sharing their unique ideas in these forums and also SEO experts thinks that it is one of the best tool for the off-site optimization of the website.

As a SEO the advantage is to get the backlinks but apart from that there are lots of other advantages like developing a relation with similar interest people; credibility; finding a mentor; to increase website traffic; etc. The main drawbacks with forums is the time and effort that is required to start and maintain them. This means sustaining the reputation in the forum since there are the administrator and moderators continuously searching for the spammers.

Methods to create backlinks:

The common method that one think about creating a backlink is to post or reply a response with a target keyword with a backlink. But apart from that one can create backlink is through forum profile backlink and also from forum signature backlink.

Video Tutorial on Forum Posting