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Web equation: blog intends to build knowledge in the area of SEO- onpage and offpage to broaden the concept for both learner and expert esp. in Kathmandu.

Good things about Nofollow Links that you might not have known

When I was a Newbie, I was very much engaged in building links through different platforms, like social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum postings because these are most necessary and easy to learn tactics. But eventually I find out that the links that I was building were no-follow. I was confused at that moment and thought that all my efforts were in vain. I was quite frustrated back then and later, I asked my mentor, Gaurav Manandhar, Digital Marketer, SEO Consultant in Nepal, about the case. He addressed my concerns with an appropriate examples.

He told me that definitely do-follow links are valuable for a website to rank well in the Search Engine Page Results in a certain keyword which helps to generate more traffic to the web page. But what a nofollow links does is, it doesn't passes link juice. so it doesn't have any benefits regarding ranking better in the SERPs but if this link is used carefully then surely it does a miracle; like if we can get our links in high domain and page authority relevant sites then we might be able to generate quality traffic to our website which later may turn into potential customer. For example, sites like CNN towards our site.

Basically, the objective to SEO is turn person into potential customer of the particular company according to need basis. So nofollow links also accomplish this objective but should use it wisely otherwise it may also hurt the website’s ranking. In “Can nofollow links hurt my site’s ranking”, the video of youtube channel, google webmasters, has mentioned that-typically no-follow links cannot hurt the website but there may be a weird cases, which is- if we are leaving comments on every blog in the world, even if those links might be no-follow, if we are doing it so much that people know us and they're really annoyed by us and people spam report about us then google might take some manual spam action.

The video also mentions that- even if those links were no follow, if Google sees enough mass-scale action that they consider deceptive or manipulative, they do reserve the right to take action.

The penalty that is mentioned in the video is only due to irrelevant link building strategy even if the links are nofollow. Therefore we have to be catious while building links even if it is nofollow.

Blogger Nicole Kohler, in her article- The hidden power of nofollow links- also emphasized that nofollow links may generate profits as well. In the article, she explains how she became a paying Buffer customer by just noticing a tweet on how Buffer responded to being hacked. Then she wrote a blog post and later on she followed Buffer on Twitter. She learn about Buffer and lastly decided to join up with them. Therefore she argues that even a nofollow link has a value and it makes an awareness to the potential clients.

In an article, “5 benefits of nofollow backlinks”, Blogger- Iftekhar Ahmed states that nofollow links are necessary inorder to look backlinks natural. This makes us safe from penalization when we only have dofollow links and other benefit is nofollow links are safe. We don’t have to worry about the links.

Benefits of nofollow links in a nullshell:

  • Its safe, we don’t have to worry about until and unless we get it from relevant sites.
  • Makes the link building campagin more natural, in a sense we will have both dofollow and nofollow links.
  • Nofollow links has a value and it makes an awareness about the product to the potential clients even if they don’t purchase it immediately.
  • If we get nofollow links from high domain and page authority relevant sites then we might be able to generate quality traffic to our website which later may turn into potential customer.
  • Lastly, we must not forget that link building strategy is a job that needs patience, if we do correctly then we wont be penalized and definitely, nofollow links helps us to build more connections to other like-minded people.