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Web-Equation: Blog

Web equation: blog intends to build knowledge in the area of SEO- onpage and offpage to broaden the concept for both learner and expert esp. in Kathmandu.

Social Bookmarking and its benefits in SEO

We all know about bookmark facility in almost every software which is usually used to mark a section for the latter purpose. Utilization of this facility is quite different with the software used by the individuals like for example the facility used in the Microsoft word is usually to mark the point or section of the document while in internet browser, it is used to mark the websites.

In case of internet browser, earlier we bookmark the pages in our browser but with the time, the concepts in the internet has changed a lot. Now a days, everything has moved in the cloud storage so does the bookmarking. Bookmarking in cloud storage is know as social bookmarking since we can share the bookmarks with the like-minded peoples and also view others mark in order to search what we are searching what we are intended to.

Therefore, Social bookmarking is an online service through which individual can organize, store, search, and manage ‘bookmarks’ of their favorite web pages to read them from anywhere and anytime.

we can find best social bookmarking site in aspects of user-friendly, and trustfulness, like: StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious. But there are many other bookmarking sites. These sites are very effective for readers because they help to store URLs and can visit the site even after ages; and for website owners because they get good referrals and backlinks which help to increase google page rank. So, getting page rank from Google makes the site more authoritative and increases the website traffic. That’s why, SEO professionals refers to social bookmarking sites for the offsite optimization like they do it in forum posting, blog commenting, blog posting.

Three major Benefits of social Bookmarking:

  • Increases traffic from social bookmarking sites.
  • Better branding and subscriptions for the website, which helps to increase returning traffic and reputation.
  • Gets dofollow backlinks which is effective for Off-site SEO.

    List of popular social bookmarking sites

  • twitter.com
  • pinterest.com
  • linkedin.com
  • stumbleupon.com
  • del.icio.us
  • digg.com
  • reddit.com
  • slashdot.com
  • newsvine.com
  • scoop.it
  • Video Tutorial on Social Bookmarking